Intellectual WiFi Controller

New channel of communication with the client. Sales to the customer who is waiting "in line". Is free. In a trend for customers, in a trend for companies


  • Ultra-high fault tolerance
  • Flexible user setup
    Configuring access settings, setting bandwidth, blocking unwanted users
  • Analytics
    Using a set of techniques to fully understand “who, what and what” does in the WiFi network
  • Integration
    The possibility of integration with the queue monitoring system, other client software
  • Proactive Response
    Collecting detailed statistics for ALL locations of the network allows you to avoid accidents before they occur
  • Marketing and promotion
    Flexible setup of the start page. Create any set of advertising pages. The ability to create effective scenarios for displaying advertising pages for different locations and for different users


  • Authorization and redirection system to the starting web resource set by the bank: site/video clip/survey/registration form.
  • Support for modern platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux.
  • Ability to create advertising pages and advertising logic containing graphics, video, text, CSS markup.
  • User identification: mobile device type, OS, MAC address, browser.
  • Targeting ad campaigns based on user identification, location, time.
  • Dynamic layout: the size of the page and the elements automatically adapts to the diagonal of the user screen.
  • User-specific statistics:
    • number of sessions
    • time spent in the system
    • offices in which there is a user
    • viewed advertising pages
    • click on ads
  • Statistics for the whole system:
    • number of users
    • graph number of users by time
    • TOP points
    • TOP Users
    • Top Domains
    • logs of visits
    • logs ad views
  • Periodic reporting and backup storage of information on the SourceX server.
  • Monitoring of all WiFi access points.
  • Provision of SLA for the operation of the system and access points: exit and replacement of access points.
  • The possibility of providing an Internet channel from SourceX at the request of the customer.

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