Field Service Management (FSM)


Accounting Module

  • Organizations (including staff and teams with relevant roles and statuses).
  • Sites (including locations and keys that have corresponding roles and statuses.
  • Equipment (placement and associated attributes).
  • Contract.

Report Module

  • Integrated reporting platform


  • Integration with mechanisms for mapping and building Google Maps routes.
  • Integrated module for calculation of the optimal route OSRM.

Order Module

  • Accounting and maintenance of the outfit for the life cycle.
  • Choosing the right resources for performance attire.
  • Taking into account the control points of the route, staff time and work of the DG.
  • List of “affected” equipment
  • Automatic control of planned and actual indicators.

Mobile app

  • Functionality change status of the attire.
  • Geo-mapping of the site, waypoints.
  • Mapping and accounting of labor costs of resources assigned to the outfit (personnel, diesel generators, cars).
  • Display of site equipment, functional change of its status (as a cause/effect of an accident).

Application Module

  • Accounting and maintenance of the application for the life cycle.
  • List of tasks necessary to carry out the outfit.

SLA Module

  • The configuration of rules for calculating the dynamic parameters of orders (elimination/response time/decisions from priority, site location, customer organization, etc. attributes).

Integration Module

  • Organization and control of processes and tasks of interactions with other information systems. At the moment: Database (uploading data on orders, loading employees) and Track Control (GPS tracker of vehicles).


  • Selecting the optimal MB to eliminate the accident
  • Forecasting the time of elimination of the accident
  • Calculation of the optimal route of traffic MB
  • Centralized accounting of specializations, accessibility, employment of engineers
  • Centralized accounting of keys, contracts, contacts on objects
  • The possibility of analyzing the cost of maintenance of each object
  • Up-to-date information on the current status of the accident
  • Electronic document management

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