Project management


  • International experience in project management
  • World telecom  experts
  • Presence of own methodology of project management
  • Practitioners
  • Use of the best practices of several international standards (PMI, PRINCE2, IPMA)

All the processes of the project approach:

  • Definition
  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Monitoring & Control
  • Closure

SourceX provides project management services to various companies to improve the efficiency of their implementation. Increasing the effectiveness of project management is to increase the predictability of changes in customer companies, control costs and optimize the timing of project implementation.

SourceX offers outsourcing of project management (project management by external resources) – a service in which the tasks of managing the customer’s projects are implemented by an external specialized company. Outsourcing of project management allows to increase the efficiency of the project activity of the company due to
the competence, experience and professional staff of the company – the service provider.

Telecom Consulting

  • Study of the actual state: data collection, documentation of constituent elements, connection schemes, study and documentation of operating processes, etc.
  • Comparison with world and/or generally accepted standards.
  • Identification of “weak” places, critical points, vulnerabilities
  • Formation of recommendations on development, both in general form and in the form of a detailed plan.
  • Prepare a list of requirements for future implementation

HLD/LLD Design

  • Architectural schemes (HLD, LLD, UML schemes) are being developed.
  • Developed deployment schemes (deployment)
  • Specifications of equipment and materials are being prepared.
  • A detailed list of works on development and implementation is being prepared.
  • The migration plan document (NMP)
  • A document is being prepared for the Acceptance Test Program (NRFU).

Development Software System

  • Fixing the specifications supplied software.
  • The development of the software is done through the design of services.
  • Fixing the supply circuit, that is, time and place of delivery, the principles documenting, the cost to the client, etc.
  • All the tasks related to the conduct of delivery software to the customer, including vendor payment issues, customs clearance, taxation, logistics management, execution of documents confirming delivery.
  • The transfer of all rights to the developed system, the use of the license.

Implementation Services

  • Alignment and fixing of work conditions.
  • Implementation. Software hosted on servers, connected in accordance with the workload, it is executed Primary configuration, verification of interaction with other elements such as it is monitored and controlled remotely, etc.
  • Verification of the implementation of works. Completed work is required to should be checked, inspection results were recorded.
  • Making the confirmation provided by the service.


Application Maintenance

  • Administration and Monitoring
  • Code / Object Migrations
  • Development of Patches
  • Performance Assessments

We’ll customize our support program to the way your business does business. Level 2 and Level 3 support from service desk inquiries, to defect resolution and fixes, to scheduled enhancements, all can be tailored into your current support program. SourceX 24×7 is available if you need it.

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